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Chameleon Close Up

"Hi, I ran across your blogspot months ago and have been wanting to share this story with you. One day last month my husband and son went to visit a man named Dr. A. He is a superior man dying of Parkinson's. My son is eight years old. Dr. A is an acquaintance. He really only communicates in a very limited way. So this visit was difficult for all, our son handled the situation really well--not with shock or horror but with grace and love. He ended up reading to Dr. A a book that was currently being read to the Doctor. I was proud of him and wanted to share it."
Thank you...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Prayer Paper

!!!FREE!!! Collage on wood
shipping and handling included.
All you have to do is...
Something Nice for Someone else.

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I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!

The other day Sarah sent me this story and great picture. Check it out!
"Hi! My son was in dire need for ice cream. So I took the time to go to the store and get it for him. Does that count as doing something nice for someone in need? haha..just kidding.
But I attached the picture of him eating the ice cream because it's a funny picture."
It's Awesome! Thanks Sarah

"Hair Force"
" Collage Art by PunWit"

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Motel Hell

This collage was sent to me as a gift, from my good friend Scrapatorium. She is a Fantastic artist and has been a huge inspiration to me. One of the kindest people I've ever met, and a great teacher.
Thank you Angelica

you can see more of her work at

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Hair Force

~Collage art by PunWit~

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FREE collage art!
for random acts of kindness!

OK everyone,
here's the deal... If you'll go out and do something good for your community... Something nice for someone else in need.
I'll give you a piece of art.

All you have to do is...

*donate money to a charity
*spend some time in a soup kitchen
*join Big brothers Big Sisters
*clean up the neighborhood park
*help an old lady cross the street
*find time for your family and friends
*open a new door... and never forget to smile.
*you get the idea

& go check out the SpiderHouse

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Atomic Honeymoon

~ For Adrienne~
she sent me this story today...
So I really liked atomic Honeymoon. I love your style. The mix of the old fashioned and the colorful disaster pics. This one stood out to me I guess because it seems personal. My boyfriend and i have been through a lot in the past year, and it just seemed like a visual description of this.
We cleaned up a local park on Saturday. It is a place we like to hang out, near our house that is constantly littered with beer cans and trash. So we took trash bags and cleaned it up, and cut some brush for easier walking through. We plan to continue to keep it clean.
We also went through our closets and picked out a lot of stuff we haven't worn in a while, or doesn't fit, and donated it to charity."
~That is so cool!

It's a State of Mind

Collage for Wayne,
He sent me this story yesterday.
~ "I'm currently doing AmeriCorps for Austin Habitat for Humanity. It's basically a 1700 hour service project where they give me a place to stay. Since I basically get to work for and with families that need it all the time, let me instead tell you of a cool experience I had recently while working with a local family. (names removed for privacy purposes)Our homeowner was celebrating her 70th birthday on the same Saturday we had a volunteer group coming out. This meant that in addition to the volunteer group, there were lots of family members on site- the men and a few of the women were outside helping Daniel (my boss) and I while the rest of the women and all of the children were inside cooking and hanging out with their mother/grandmother/great-grandmother. I soon found out that she had 18 great-grandchildren! Daniel had to head out a little early, so we worked on finishing up some of the tasks we had left. I eventually sent our volunteer group home and finished up the final tasks of the day with a few members of the family. Once the work was completed and the final piece of her (now) safe and sturdy foundation was in place, they invited me in to have some food and celebrate the birthday with them. I was honored to be asked and glad to accept the invitation!
I came inside with them and they had a plate ready for me- one of her daughters had set aside some food for me, and boy was I grateful! They had made a roast which was absolutely amazing. I couldn't even pick it up with the plastic forks because it was falling apart it was so tender. She even remembered that I was allergic to milk and didn't put the mac & cheese on the plate. There were 2 types of rice which were both delicious, and even some collard greens. It was the sort of home cooked meal that you just don't see much of when you move out on your own, and I loved every bite of it.
It's worth noting that two of her grandsons are in a hip-hop group which is starting to become popular in the area- later that evening they were set to open for Young Buck, a member of G-Unit/50 Cent's crew (a big deal in the hip hop scene). Several of the great-grandchildren obviously looked up to their uncles and had already begun to hone their hip-hop skills. I must say, I was grinning from ear to ear when I saw two of her great-grandchildren no older than 9-10 perform a "Happy Birthday, We Love You" rap for their great-grandmother! It was a wonderful performance, and you could see they had worked hard on making it good for her. After that, another group of the great-grandchildren carried in some signs they had made (spelling Grandma) and recounted her wonderful traits in an acronym (D is for the Divine Love you show us, etc). Then, one of her daughters sang a song a capella for her. It was a very moving moment.
The opportunity to participate in this day with them was a great one that I cherish. It's a wonderful thing to be able to become a part of a family, even just for an afternoon, in such an intimate way. I'm glad to be able to help a woman like this, a woman loved by her family and friends, to have a safe, healthy, and affordable home to live in. It is certainly an event that I would have no association with apart from my Habitat/AmeriCorps experience.
~Thank You~

Found & Lost

Collage Art by "PUNWIT"

Friday, April 11, 2008

Found Debris

All of these, original collage pieces,
I'm willing to give to you.
for an act of kindness..
!Go out and do something nice,
donate money or time to a social cause..
Clean up the neighborhood park.
Help someone out...
& Smile!

send me your stories, pictures and videos...
And I'll send you a piece of art!

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On Holiday, We met the most interesting couple

~ Collage for Jason~

He sent me this story the other day

"OK- so, the other day i took this girl for a ride on my Ice-Cream bike from Mexico (i generally use it for transport to DJ gigs). I had her sit in front and wave to everyone we passed, like it was a parade (our own little parade...) it made so many people SMILE to see such a funny sight! and it was so FUN!"

sounds like a blast...

Thanks for sharing in the fun

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Medical Miracle

My good friend "Punwit" wanted to help out, and I thought
the more the merrier!
You can find more of his art at along with a bunch of other really cool collage artists... So Check it out!

Thanks Larry

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A call for help

Today Kimberly sent me this story...


I am writing on behalf of my friend and her family. She told me an amazing story today, which I thought deserved some recognition. Last week, my friend went to spend the weekend at her family ranch near Johnson city. It was later in the evening and her family had already gone to bed for the night. She thought she heard someone calling out "hey, or "hello" from outside, but wasn't sure because they were out in the middle of nowhere. She really began to listen and then heard a voice calling out "help!". She was understandably freaked out, but woke up her brother and sister -in-law and they set out to search for where the voice was coming from. It turned out that a man on a neighboring property had fallen 15 feet off a cliff into a creek bed and had broken several bones and had a head injury. The Sheriff and EMS came out, but they could not reach him due to his location, so they had to call Starflight. The man ended up being ok. If my friend had not heard the calls for help, and been brave enough to wake up her family and go search for the man that had fallen off the cliff, the outcome might not have been as good. I think she's a hero!"

! Your Friend is a Hero.


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