Monday, April 7, 2008

A call for help

Today Kimberly sent me this story...


I am writing on behalf of my friend and her family. She told me an amazing story today, which I thought deserved some recognition. Last week, my friend went to spend the weekend at her family ranch near Johnson city. It was later in the evening and her family had already gone to bed for the night. She thought she heard someone calling out "hey, or "hello" from outside, but wasn't sure because they were out in the middle of nowhere. She really began to listen and then heard a voice calling out "help!". She was understandably freaked out, but woke up her brother and sister -in-law and they set out to search for where the voice was coming from. It turned out that a man on a neighboring property had fallen 15 feet off a cliff into a creek bed and had broken several bones and had a head injury. The Sheriff and EMS came out, but they could not reach him due to his location, so they had to call Starflight. The man ended up being ok. If my friend had not heard the calls for help, and been brave enough to wake up her family and go search for the man that had fallen off the cliff, the outcome might not have been as good. I think she's a hero!"

! Your Friend is a Hero.


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